ISEC is committed to having a strong social impact and want to work towards building resilient, mentally fit communities and to make a real-world impact including reducing the severity and incidence of mental illness, actively reducing suicide rates, destigmatising mental illness and empowering everyone to look after their mental health.

The ISEC Partnership with Black Dog is designed to support their vision: To create a mentally healthier world. And during these challenging times, mental health has never been more important.

As ISEC employs a large workforce that has direct involvement with the general public within a range of diverse industries and settings such as corporate buildings, precincts, events and hospitality venues across Australia, the partnership with Black Dog means there is opportunity to make large scale impact on mental health.

Promoting Black Dog’s work and making its research, education programs, digital tools, clinical services, and public resources accessible to the ISEC community aims to support our employees.