As CEO and Founder of ISEC, Tony leads a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate and devoted to the values of ISEC. An astute security practitioner with over 23 years of experience in the Security Industry, Tony provides leadership and direction across all service provisions both Strategic and Operational.

Developing a reputation as a committed and knowledgeable professional, Tony is an experienced coach and mentor with a proven ability to positively influence staff in order to achieve goals, boost performance and exceed customer expectations.

Today Tony gives us an insight into his journey as a security professional and that of ISEC.


Q: What motivated you to found ISEC?

A: It came down to the passion that I had for the industry. I have always been a people person and security gave me that opportunity to interact with people on so many levels. I also consider myself to be a protector, like most brothers I grew up always looking out for my younger sister and our cousins and so being in the business of security came natural to me.

Initially when I started out the plan was to try and make it to 5 years. However, as time went on and the business grew it became clearer to me that this was what I wanted to do as a career.

As a profession, security sits well with me as well because knowing that what we do helps protect people and assets and creates a safe environment for our communities gives me a great sense of satisfaction.


Q: What have been some memorable achievements or highlights for yourself and ISEC?

A: So many over the last 20 years that it would be hard to single out any particular moment. Currently I am extremely proud of our team and the effort that is being put into the work at the NSW Quarantine Hotels. Knowing that we’ve been entrusted to play an important role along with many other stakeholders in helping with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is something I hold in the highest regard.

Being recognised as the leading service provider in protective security for the Hospitality and Events Sector is something that I am also very proud to have achieved. We have built and maintained close relationships with clients, some for over a decade, and these relationships mean a lot to me. I have seen their businesses grow and flourish throughout the years and being a part of that is truly satisfying.


Q: What have been some hard and difficult moments that challenged you professionally?

A: One of the hardest times for myself and that of ISEC was when in June 2017, we lost a friend, mentor and highly respected member of the security sector in Frank Bellomo. Frank was at that time ISEC’s Chief Operating Officer and his sudden passing was a devastating blow for all who knew him.

Frank was an outstanding professional and in his time with ISEC, his wisdom, dedication and enthusiasm brought a sense of excitement to the business. I know to this day our team still miss Frank dearly and we try to do our best to uphold what he taught us.


Q: Which one of ISEC’s values of TEAMWORK, TRUST, PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY and PASSION resonates to you the most and why?

A: I love them all but the one that resonates with me most is Passion. I’d describe myself as a person who wears his heart on his sleeve, someone who’s not afraid to show his true emotions and the value of Passion is something deep within me.

Having passion for this industry is the reason I started ISEC. From passion and truly loving what we do, the rest just flows. Surround yourself with a team of passionate people and the other values will follow.


Q: 2020 has been a tough year globally with the Coronavirus Pandemic. How has ISEC managed during this time?

A: It has been a very tough and challenging year for the whole world. Like many other businesses in Australia, ISEC faced a pretty sudden shutdown. A high portion of our work at the time was in the Hospitality and Event Sectors and so this forced a lot of our staff to be without work. No one was fully prepared for this and not having all the answers to give to staff was difficult.

Each of my senior managers came to me at the beginning of the shutdowns and asked how they could help, what they could do to make it a little easier for me to keep ISEC moving through the pandemic. Everyone was so supportive and played their own role in helping navigate through this terrible time. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing team.

We were fortunate enough along with others to be entrusted with providing services to the NSW Quarantine Hotels and have worked extremely hard to remain on the project. ISEC is now stronger and more resilient than ever and with restrictions slowly easing in Australia, I look forward to a more happy and safer new year in 2021. I’m also glad to have seen many of our clients come through this tough period and look forward to supporting them in future.

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