In a world where security and protection are paramount, recognising and appreciating the exceptional individuals who uphold these principles becomes essential. ISEC Security recently held our awards night to celebrate the remarkable milestones achieved by our team members.

The event served as a testament to the company’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding hard work, dedication, and the value they bring to our clients. Among the recipients were David Zaw, honoured for his 15 years of outstanding service, Peter Armstrong, who received the prestigious “Driving Success” award, and Sharbel Chehade, recognised for his unwavering dedication.

David Zaw’s incredible achievement of 15 years with ISEC Security exemplifies the company’s dedication to nurturing long-term partnerships with its employees. Throughout his tenure, David has consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment and an unparalleled level of expertise in the field. His vast experience, combined with his tireless efforts, has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of ISEC Security. David’s award is not only a celebration of his individual accomplishments but also a testament to the company’s ability to foster an environment that encourages longevity and loyalty.

Peter Armstrong’s recognition with the “Driving Success” award is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and his ability to navigate ISEC Security through challenges while achieving remarkable milestones. Peter has consistently inspired and motivated his team to go above and beyond, leading them towards success. His strategic insights, coupled with his strong decision-making abilities, have propelled the company to new heights. Peter’s award symbolises¬† a commitment to fostering an environment of innovation, perseverance, and growth.

Dedication lies at the heart of every successful organization, and Sharbel Chehade exemplifies this principle. His unwavering commitment to ISEC Security and its mission has earned him a well-deserved award for “Dedicated Service.” Throughout his tenure, Sharbel has shown exceptional loyalty, His diligent work ethic and support solidify ISEC Security’s reputation as a trusted and reliable partner. Sharbel’s recognition underscores the importance ISEC Security places on cultivating long-term relationships with clients by delivering exceptional service.

The awards presented to David Zaw, Peter Armstrong, and Sharbel Chehade carry a profound message to ISEC Security’s esteemed clients: the company values and appreciates the hard work and dedication of its team, recognising that these attributes directly translate into added value for their clients. By honouring their employees’ accomplishments, ISEC Security underscores its commitment to excellence, fostering a culture of continuous improvement that positively impacts the services provided to clients.