Q: What about ISEC and its people attracted you to the role?

A: I felt influenced to apply because I resonate with your company’s mission to consistently provide professional and well-trained personnel, ensuring your clients’ brands, assets and reputations always remain protected. I had always admired the company because it reflects on my values in the way I work. Cultural diversity was also a fundamental aspect in me being attracted to the company as it shows no discrimination to race religion etc. That sort of diversity and values is what made me decide on wanting to join.


Q: Which one of ISEC’s values of TEAMWORK, TRUST, PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY and PASSION resonates to you the most and why?

A: I have always thrived in positions where I can collaborate with others so it’s only natural that teamwork would be the value that resonates with me the most. I strongly believe that great work is achieved when more opinions and ideas are shared. However, I am fully capable of doing heads-down work when it’s needed.


Q: What aspects of your career have most helped you prepare for your current role?

A: After having experienced the roles of security, quarantine hotel and organisation of rostering current Security officers, I now am able to fulfil my current position with placement and understanding of operations throughout the company.


Q: What have been some moments that challenged you professionally?

A: The challenges are keeping up with the organisational skills of making sure all our Security officers are available, attend their current placement and roster. Rescheduling them to cater for their needs and that of our company.


Q: What is the best advice you have been given?

A: Stay curious, teachable, and act the job you want. And always be generous with sharing your knowledge and give credit where credit is due.