At ISEC, we believe success depends on the fundamentals.

Whether managing a multiple-stage festival, securing precincts, or protecting people and assets; no matter how challenging a task may seem, we excel by keeping things simple.

This outlook has helped us to become one of the leading providers of security, risk and training services across the country. By ensuring our foundations are solid, we can stare down any assignment and say, “we’ve got this”.

One of the foundation stones which keeps us strong is our ‘one team’ philosophy. Whether exercising mind or muscle, we take the old idiom ‘many hands make light work’ seriously, emphasising teamwork in everything we do.

Each member of team ISEC, across management and field teams, is chosen for their complementary skills. Individually, our employees are undoubtedly of a high standard. Yet, once a part of team ISEC, something extraordinary happens. Together, we become greater than the sum of our parts. We become a force.

It’s the ‘in this together’ attitude which has enabled ISEC to clock more than 10 million hours of guarding services thus far. Although, this is not something we speak about as if we were looking for applause. Instead, we are focused on our next 10 million hours, and that means continuing to nurture our team environment.

Each successful team in history is united by one thing; their shared determination to achieve a defined goal. Whether it be the All Blacks, the ‘92 Dream Team, or the team here at ISEC, in order to kick goals, they must first be set. As a result, at the start of each assignment or project, we carefully consider what success is, and flesh out exactly what it looks like.

With a benchmark to determine success, and clearly defined steps to achieve it, a team member can take control of their time and energy. At once, their effort and perseverance is given a purpose. Employees who are passionate about kicking goals naturally create a positive company culture – one in which everyone benefits.

Once goals are set, the hard work to achieve them begins.

Over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed how nurturing teamwork within our organisation can boost performance and productivity.

To foster the ‘one team’ philosophy, ISEC endeavours to parcel up the workload evenly among team members. This method demonstrates to the team that each individual must chip in to get the job done.

By assigning each team member an equal slice of the project, individual efficiency is increased, and team morale blossoms. We also take the time to learn exactly where our employees excel. Therefore, when assigning tasks, the particular strengths of individuals are heightened, and any weaknesses levelled.

Similar to assigning positions in a sports team, tasks are delegated in a way to ensure the talent and ability of individuals complement each other. Clearly defining these positions enables each person to take ownership of their patch and provides steps to reach their potential.

Another way we support teamwork at ISEC is by putting clear and proactive communication on a pedestal. In theory, good communication is about correctly sending and receiving messages. In reality, it distinguishes an average company from an excellent one.

We believe effective communication is vital to success and happiness in both personal and professional settings. Therefore, we prioritise healthy communication between management, field members, and clients.

This means we give everyone a voice. Employees are encouraged to ask questions and voice their opinions, knowing they will be heard. Reassured their contributions are valued, employees are more likely to bring new ideas to the table, fostering a culture of innovation, positivity, and growth – what all companies should strive for.

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