Almost a year had passed since ISEC participated in first Cultural Awareness workshop hosted by Bullroarers Australia and due to the enormous success and interest shown by our senior leadership team we are back again in the beautiful Australian Botanic Gardens for our second workshop.

Set amongst the landscape of Yandel’ora – the name given to Mount Annan by the Dharawal people meaning “place of peace between peoples’ the ISEC team started the day with a “Welcome to Country” and smoking ceremony and were briefed on the background of Bullroarers Australia and discussed their mission and desired outcomes of the course.

Welcome To Country and Smoking Ceremony conducted by Aboriginal Elder Uncle Ivan Wellington

Over 3,500 years ago, Australian Aboriginals created unique handprints on cave walls by blowing a mixture of red ochre and water from their mouths over their hands.

We were then taken through a discussion of historic perspectives as well as learnt the importance of acknowledging country, customs and protocols.

Our fantastic and hospitable host, Neal McGarrity (co founder & director) also managed to dig into his bag of tricks and put on an amazing morning team and lunch which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Whilst breaking bread together and shared our food we took the time to discuss themes such as recognising cultural nuances, subconscious bias, handling challenging people and situational awareness.

As the morning tea ended the sun was out, we were barefoot on the grass and connecting with the earth whilst sharing stories, learning traditional dances and embracing our inner child creating works of art.

Barbecue Kangaroo, Emu with roasted vegetables and crocodile curry prepared by Neal

Led by our CEO Tony Daou, ISEC has always had a genuine intention and commitment to developing meaningful relationships with Australia’s First Peoples and understanding their community and culture. We would like to thank Bullroarers Australia for facilitating our learning and helping increase our awareness of the key factors which impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interactions.