Q: Throughout your years in the security industry, you would have experienced a lot of changes and challenges, what do you think are the challenges ahead in the industry? 

A: A lot of changes and challenges over the past 19 years but the biggest one at the moment will be the staff shortage across all areas of the industry, although I am very confident with our ability to navigate this issue with the work we are doing at ISEC in regards to our training and development as well as our reward and recognition program which is really contributing towards our retention rate.


Q: ISEC has just recently celebrated its 20th in business, what do you attribute its massive long running success to?

A: I believe ISEC’s success goes back to the ISEC values, it’s leadership team, our ability to be flexible and adapt to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Of course, I couldn’t begin to talk about our success without mentioning our hard working, dedicated and reliable workforce.


Q: Which one of ISEC’s values of TEAMWORK, TRUST, PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY and PASSION resonates to you the most and why? 

A: I would have to say all of them as they are equally important but the key is to ensure all of them remain as consistent as possible. Having all of these values in alignment has made us successful in the industry and contributed to place me in current position that I hold.


Q: What are some accomplishments you have been a part of in the last few years with ISEC, is there any projects that you are particularly proud of? 

A: I’m extremely proud of the Hotel Quarantine project which was the largest security project in Australia to date. As well as holding the honourable position as the ISEC project lead and ensuring ISEC met all demands and requests for the program. Being there on day one all the way through to the last day when the doors closed for the program was a major milestone for me personally.


A: Stay humble.