Q:In your 10 years with ISEC what has been your most favourite event highlight?

A: Ah this is a tough question to answer to be honest as there has been so many. If I was to pinpoint anything it would be being involved with events that are first starting out and watching the event grow and being involved in the development of best practices, introducing new processes & procedures, seeing those being implemented and the event thriving from that input really puts a smile on your face. There have been some pinch me moments over the years.

One that comes to mind is Listen Out Sydney 2018. I was on stage watching the crowd for A$AP Rocky set wearing all black so as to not be seen in a dark part of the stage. I was down on my haunches talking on the radio and then next minute I felt someone with their arm around me I looked and it was A$AP sitting next to me with his arm around me singing, I literally froze, cool moment.


Q: Which one of ISEC’s values of TEAMWORK, TRUST, PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY and PASSION resonates to you the most and why?

A: They all resonate for event but if I was to pick one it most definitely be TRUST. We are trusted by all of our clients and stakeholders to manage large teams of security on the ground and make sure that all that is discussed pre-event in the stakeholder meetings are upheld and also making sure that we are meeting our legislative requirements as to not tarnish our brand or the event for the future. Once you have the trust of everyone around you then the others just roll into each other.


Q: What did you miss most about events during the last 2 years of lockdown and what events are you most looking forward to coming back?

A: Most definitely the thrill and accomplishment of doing the events, seeing your plans being executed the way you planned for them to happen. Also seeing all the patrons, staff and event people enjoying the events. Live music in any form whether it be indoor concerts or 20,000 person festivals, it really brings the best out of people and brings people together in the moment having a great time. Also, re-connecting with the people that you haven’t seen for a long period and getting back to business.


Q: What do you think are the top 3 components of running a great event?

A: Meticulous planning, robust briefings with staff & trust of your team to deliver what you have planned.


Q: Who is the most memorable person you have met during your career in security?

A: A lot of people would expect me to name some famous band member or performer but it is the people behind the scenes, your site teams, promoters, sound and lighting people that bring all the tools to these events to make them happen. There are definitely a lot of larger-than-life characters and different personalities in and around the event/festival scene that make it so enjoyable to be a part of.


Q: What is the best advice you have been given?

A: When I was working in pubs & clubs in my earlier years an owner once said to me “you need to provide the tools for people to succeed” which has always been a great piece of advice that I have always tried to deliver for my team every day & week and this is especially important in the event space as there are some many moving parts that if you are not meticulous with your planning and not providing the tools to people then you are setting them up to fail.