Q: Since starting with ISEC you have been promoted from security guard to Operations Coordinator. What skills do you think are important for those wishing to be on the pathway to furthering their career in the security industry like yourself and what skills did you learn on the way up that you are still using in your new role?

A:  Teamwork is to me is the most important thing in the security industry as it helps us work in all areas of the workplace and enables us to work together to achieve our goals. Whilst working in head office, I’ve learnt many new skills and I’m constantly still progressing and learning and improving on things such as effective communication, people skills and problem solving, which is integral and of course, leadership.

Q: Where do you see yourself within your career at ISEC in the next few years?

A: Currently two years in as an Operations Coordinator, there are lot of areas I would like to explore and experience. In the future, I would like to see myself stepping up to an Operations Manager role with the guidance of the ISEC senior management team.

Q: What are some accomplishments you have been a part whilst your time with ISEC, are there any projects that you are particularly proud of? 

A: During the Covid restriction, I was appointed the responsibility of setting up the control rooms and sites for ISEC at the hotel quarantine facilities. Planning and organising were  key factors to accomplish these task during the project. It really gave me an opportunity to take on a new level of responsibility and gave me a new opportunity to take charge.

Q: Which one of ISEC’s values of TEAMWORK, TRUST, PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY and PASSION resonates to you the most and why? 

A:  It would be TEAMWORK. Working on the ground for 6 years has taught me to be a team player no matter the task that was given to me. Like the old saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” goes, I believe this value produces leadership in all areas in the workforce and teaches us many elements such as communication, delegation, collective ideas  and support for each other.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are new to the security industry? 

A: My advice to the new guards out there is to be respectful and the moment you put your security licence on, remember that you’re not only representing yourself , you’re representing the client & security company you work for.